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Why Connell’s Custom Exteriors

When your association is faced with storm-related damage, Connell’s Custom Exteriors is ready to put your mind at ease and assist with the repairs. Our team of accredited HOA professionals understand the complexities of these projects and the importance of meticulous planning and flawless execution. As your dedicated partner, our experienced HOA team at Connell’s Custom Exteriors is here to surpass your expectations at every step. Since 1999, Connell’s Custom Exteriors continues to prove you can relax and rest assured the project is being handled by professionals.

Climbing a Ladder

A weather event has impacted your association, now what?

Baseline report: baseline reports are created prior to any storm events. This information is stored in the association’s records for reference for items such as a future weather event. If you are unsure if your association has a baseline report, please contact our team to schedule an inspection for your association.

Storm inspection: Should a weather event include supporting information to warrant an inspection and with the assistance of your partnered Community Manager, our team will coordinate and conduct a comprehensive inspection and produce a detailed report including photos and details of each finding for any damage that occurred during the weather event. The information will be presented to the Board of Directors for review and discussion on how to proceed with filing a possible claim.


What our team is looking for during an inspection:

  • Missing materials - shingles, fascia, siding

  • Debris- downed tree, power lines

  • Impacted components- indentations on roofing, siding, gutters, mailboxes, vents, satellite dishes, window sashes

  • Water intrusions- areas of the unit that show water damage due to exposure since the weather event.

Steps of an inspection

  • Provide reporting of the storm event to the Community Manager and gain approval to conduct an inspection

  • Gather community information on the association and reference prior inspection reports as available

  • Inform the Community Manager of the scheduled inspection

  • Conduct the inspection meeting FAA requirements

  • Review findings and created detailed report for presentation

  • Meet with the Board to discuss the findings and plan forward with how to proceed

Moving forward with an insurance claim:

Following the meeting to discuss the findings, should the Board approve to file a claim the following steps will be completed:

  • Community Manager at the approval of the Board of Directors will contact the insurance carrier to report the damage and file a claim.

  •  A representative of the CCE team will collaborate with the insurance carrier to ensure all identified parts of the restoration are included in the claim. Depending on the carrier, working with the Adjuster through this process may take weeks, or even months to complete. Rest assured that updates will be provided as they become available to provide awareness of all parties within your association.

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